Cornwall is at the epicentre of the UK surf scene. It all started here in the 1960s when the first fibreglass surf boards were introduced to the Newquay beaches. Since then surfing has gradually spread out to every corner of the UK with an estimated 250,000 'surfers' nationwide.

If you look at a map of western Europe it shouldn't take long to figure out why Cornwall is such an excellent surfing destination. A long narrow strip of land jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean with coves and beaches facing every which way! Unfettered, long range Atlantic swells batter the Cornish coast all through the year, with only the briefest respite during the summer months.
Being one of the UK's most popular travel destinations also means there are plentiful Cornwall cottages to rent near all the best surf spots

For convenience Cornwall tends to get divided up into 3 regions; North Cornwall, West Cornwal and the South Coast

Cornwall. Over 200 beautiful beaches © Cornwall Coast
Welcome to the Cornwall Coast website on Weebly. I'm just getting to grips with how things work so this is more of a test post than anything. 

It's also an opportunity to extol the virtues of our beautiful beaches. I think there are in the region of 200 proper beaches around the coast, but some claim as many as 400. I guess it depends what you call a beach, and what makes a separate beach. Whichever way you look at it that's a lot of beaches, enough that on a cold, wet winter's afternoon you shouldn't have any problems finding a beach to yourself. Come the summer, that might be a different matter...

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    I like taking photos! Especially of the beaches and cliffs that grace the Cornish coast. These articles are written to compliment these photos. Hopefully they will convey the beauty of the scenery in this part of the world


    February 2013